The Turso CLI gives you everything you need from the command line to manage your database, database replicas, API tokens, inviting users, and launching the database shell. If you’re waiting for a migration to run, there’s also a relax command.

You can also programmatically manage your Turso account, including groups, databases, organizations and invites using the Platform API.



Begin by installing the Turso CLI:

brew install tursodatabase/tap/turso


Now signup or login using GitHub:

turso auth signup


The Turso CLI provides the following commands:

authAuthenticate and manage API tokens.
contactSubmit your feedback, ideas and create a meeting with the team.
dbCreate and manage databases, access tokens and connect to the shell.
devRun Turso locally for development.
groupCreate groups and manage global replicas.
orgManage billing and invite memebers.
planoverages, select, show, upgrade
quickstartGet started with Turso in 5 minutes.
relaxTake some time out and relax with Turso.
updateUpdate to the Turso CLI to the latest version with one command.