Turso Quickstart

In this quickstart you will learn how to:

  • Install the Turso CLI
  • Signup to Turso
  • Create your first Turso Database
  • Connect to Database Shell
  • Replicate Database to another region

Install the Turso CLI

We’ll be using the Turso CLI throughout this quickstart to manage databases, create replicas in other regions, and connect to the database shell.

brew install tursodatabase/tap/turso

Signup to Turso

The next command will open your browser to sign up:

turso auth signup

Create a Database

Now create your first database in a location closest to you with the name my-db:

turso db create my-db

The Turso CLI automatically detected your closest region to create a database. It used this location to create a default “group” for your database, which you can inspect using the following command:

turso db show my-db

Connect to Database Shell

Congratulations, you created a database! Now connect to it with the shell command:

turso db shell my-db

Replace my-db with the name of your database if you named it differently.

When you’re ready to move onto the next step, you’ll want to to quit the shell:


Replicate Database to another region

Adding a database replica is an easy as adding another location to the “group” your database belongs to.

First, you can fetch a list of supported locations using the Turso CLI:

turso db locations

Pick a location for your database to replicate it to and pass the three-digit code to the groups locations add command:

turso group locations add default nrt

Congratulations! Your data is now replicated and closer to users in two regions.