Turso Databases can be accessed via HTTP. The API enable developers to perform SQL operations using the Hrana over HTTP protocol, retrieve server version information, and monitor the health status.

It’s recommended you use a native SDK.

Base URL

Simply replace your database URL protocol libsql:// with https://:


You can obtain your database base URL from the Turso CLI:


Turso uses Bearer authentication, and requires your API token to be passed with all protected requests in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer TOKEN


Your database has the endpoints available below:

POST /v2/pipeline

You can use the /v2/pipeline endpoint to query a database. The endpoint accepts a series of operations to perform against a database connection. The supported operation types are:

  • execute: execute a statement on the connection.
  • close: close the connection.

Simple query

  "requests": [
    { "type": "execute", "stmt": { "sql": "CREATE TABLE users (name)" } },
    { "type": "close" }

Connections are left open until they timeout, unless you close them explicitly in the request (as shown above). Every request made on a connection bumps the timeout. You should close the connection when it’s no longer needed.

Interactive query

Sometimes, it may be desirable to perform multiple operation on the same connection, in multiple roundtrips. We can do this by not closing the connection right away:

  "requests": [{ "type": "execute", "stmt": { "sql": "BEGIN" } }]

We can see that we have received a baton back. This is because we haven’t closed the connection. We can now use this baton to perform more queries on the same connection:

  "baton": "m7lVVgEvknpf1P1irxHsHqrAqH7BLiwO4DQIAwr93PdZWGvdBNugLSokSsCZNkry",
  "requests": [
    { "type": "execute", "stmt": { "sql": "CREATE TABLE users (name)" } },
      "type": "execute",
      "stmt": { "sql": "INSERT INTO users VALUES (\"iku\")" }
    { "type": "execute", "stmt": { "sql": "COMMIT" } },
    { "type": "close" }

Note that both transactions and connections have timeouts. Transaction have a 5 seconds window to complete, while connections get closed after 10 seconds of idle time.

Response types

The response from Hrana contains the following fields:

batonstringThe baton is used to identify a connection with the server so that it can be reused.
base_urlstringThe base URL of the server that handled the request. This URL can be reused for subsequent requests to force routing to that server.
resultsarrayThe results for each of the requests made in the pipeline.

The results array contains the results for each of the requests made in the pipeline. Each result has the following fields:

colsarrayThe list of columns for the returned rows.
rowsarrayThe rows returned for the query.
affected_row_countintegerThe number of rows affected by the query.
last_insert_rowidintegerThe ID of the last inserted row.
replication_indexstringThe replication timestamp at which this query was executed.

GET /version

To obtain the current version of the server running your database you can use the /version endpoint:

curl -L -X GET 'https://[databaseName]-[organizationName].turso.io/version' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'

GET /health

To check the health of your database, you can use the /health endpoint which returns an empty body with an HTTP status:

curl -L -X GET 'https://[databaseName]-[organizationName].turso.io/health' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'