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SQLite extensions


SQLite extensions are an experimental feature in Turso. Your observations and feedback are welcome on our Discord.

SQLite extensions add optional features, supported by the SQLite community, that can be used in queries handled by the SQLite query engine. The instances of libSQL server managed by Turso can be configured to enable a select few extensions.

Enabling extensions

Extensions are enabled using the --enable-extensions flag when creating a database with the Turso CLI. For example:

$ turso db create my-db --enable-extensions

Extensions can't be enabled for existing databases.

List of extensions

The following extensions are loaded into libSQL server for databases that have extensions enabled.

SQLean CryptoHashing, message digest, encoding, and decoding
SQLean FuzzyFuzzy string matching and phonetics
SQLean MathAdvanced mathematical calculations
SQLean RegexpRegular expressions
SQLean StatsCommon statistical functions
SQLean TextString manipulation (reverse, split)
SQLean UnicodeCase-insensitive string comparison for Unicode strings
SQLean UUIDLimited support for RFC 4122 compliant UUIDs
Vector Similarity SearchVector search capabilities based on Faiss.

SQLite maintains three official extensions that are enabled by default in Turso: JSON, FTS5 (full text search), and R*Tree (range queries).