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libSQL database URLs

Throughout this documentation, the Turso CLI, and the libSQL client libraries, you will notice examples of URLs that start with libsql://. These URLs are recognized by libSQL and Turso tools with the following meaning.

Database endpoint identification

A libsql URL identifies a libSQL database accessible through sqld (libSQL server mode). Databases managed by Turso provide two categories of URLs:

Logical database URL

This URL connects to an instance of the database closest to the machine making the connection. Most of the time, you will want to use this URL as shown in the output of turso db list and turso db show.

Database instance URL

This URL always connects to a specific instance of a Turso database. You may want to use this in order to bypass the automatic routing provided by the logical database URL. Instance URLs appear for each instance in the output of turso db show $DBNAME --instance-urls.

WebSockets implementation

A libsql URL is understood by libSQL client libraries to use a custom WebSocket protocol to manage round trip communications with a libSQL database.


If your runtime environment doesn’t support WebSockets, or a client library is not available for your preferred language, you can replace the libsql scheme with https to invoke a stateless HTTP API similar to the WebSocket protocol. When using sqld locally, you can use http to access it without requiring an SSL certificate.

Documentation for the libSQL HTTP protocol is forthcoming.