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Step 1: Installation

The Turso CLI has two installation options: Homebrew and scripted install.

Option 1: Homebrew (macOS and Linux)

There is a Homebrew formula available that’s installed with the following command:

brew install tursodatabase/tap/turso

The formula includes an executable with autocompletion scripts for bash, fish, and zsh.

Option 2: Scripted install

If you don’t use Homebrew, run the following command to execute a shell script that installs the CLI:

curl -sSfL | bash

The CLI is installed in a directory called .turso in your home directory. The shell script will attempt to add that to your shell’s PATH. You will need to start a new shell to see the change, or add it manually to the current shell.

Verify the installation

Run the following command to make sure the Turso CLI is in your PATH:

turso --version

You will need Turso CLI version 0.85.0 or later for this tutorial.