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Step 5: Create and use a replica

Create a replica

The CLI creates a replica of the database in a specified location with turso db replicate. The following creates a replica in Tokyo, Japan using its three-letter location code from the output of turso db locations:

turso db replicate my-db nrt

This generates output similar to the following:

Replicated database my-db to Tokyo, Japan (nrt) in [xx] seconds.

Client connections using libsql://[db-name]-[github-name] that are
physically close to nrt will now be routed to this replica for lower latency.

To see information about the database, including a connection URL specific to
this location, run:

turso db show my-db2

Query the replica

The above output gives a suggestion for running the Turso CLI shell against the replica. Copy that command and run it to start the shell. The replica should contain the same table and row that you previously added to the primary:

→  select * from users;

→ .quit

Some things to note about replicas:

  • It is possible to create replicas in any supported location, including the location of the primary.
  • Creating more than one replica in a location is currently required for scaling out support in that location. Automatic scaling based on current load is something we hope to implement in the future.
  • The URL specific to the replica should only be used in situations where you know you want to query that one replica directly. Most applications should instead use the logical database URL for automatic location routing for the lowest latency for read operations.

Destroy the replica

To destroy the replica, you must know its unique name. The CLI randomly generated one for it at the time it was created. You can find the names of all the replicas using the the following command:

turso db show my-db

The output is similar to this:

Name:           my-db
URL: libsql://my-db-[my-github-name]
ID: 4a1fbed0-f580-11ed-9d02-f28bd1fbbb2c
Locations: nrt, [location]
Size: 0 B

Database Instances:
premium-triathlon primary [location] 0.14.0
sweeping-ultragirl replica nrt 0.14.0

On the last line, you can see the replica in the location "nrt" in this case is named "sweeping-ultragirl". Use this command to destroy it (replacing the name of the replica with your own):

turso db destroy my-db --instance sweeping-ultragirl
Destroyed instance sweeping-ultragirl of database my-db.

Notes about destroying replicas:

  • You can destroy all of the replicas in a location using the --location flag (except the primary if in that location).
  • Destroying a replica will not change any database data.